Columbus Local Pick – Zapico Sauce

Picked up a jar of this lovely tomato sauce at the Greener Grocer the other day. Hubs added some spicy italian sausage to it to dress some rigatoni for dinner. It was also perfect for a super simple lunch for me and the 5YO in the house. Can you tell which portion was hers?

They also have another sauce plus a balsamic dressing which I’ll surely try soon. Learn more at their site, or at their FB page.

Columbus Local Pick – twist on a CSA

Wayne over at Frijilito Farms is trying something interesting with his CSA this year. It’s more like buying credit up front and then getting what you like over the course of the season. Read about it here. In a traditional CSA, you get a bag each week or so, and you just get whatever you get in it. No complaining if you don’t care for eggplant or you can’t stand the thought of another beet. This, on the other hand, is CSA for you picky vegetable eaters – you’re not saddled with the ones you don’t like. Given how happy I have always been with the eggs I get from him, I think I’ll be game.

Local Foods Week

Don’t forget that Local Foods week starts here in Central Ohio tomorrow. Sign up for the Eat Local Challenge. Maybe do a little more, if you got it in ya! I’ll be planning my usual locally based weekly dinner plan. Plus, I’m going to make sure all my breakfasts are local this week too. I’m going to have one of these three things every day for breakfast: Applesauce from local apples, sourdough purchased at the farm market toasted and spread with Blue Jacket Dairy Lemon Quark, or multigrain cereal from Stutzman farms.

How are you celebrating Local Foods Week?

Columbus Local Pick – Lemon Jewel Quark

I just tried some Lemon Jewel Quark from Blue Jacket Dairy last weekend. To me, it is similar to cream cheese, and has a sweet lemon flavor. It is lovely spread on some sourdough toast as a breakfast or snack. It would probably be even more delicious with a dab of raspberry jam on it. Yum. Find out more here.

Columbus Local Pick – Grains

Found something new and local that I like. The Greener Grocer at the North Market carries grains from Stutzman Farms in Millersburg, OH. I’ve tried their grits, corn meal, and multi grain cereal. All are very good, and fairly priced (Multi Grain Cereal is $1.50 for a pound, for example). I’m excited about this discovery because although it seems easy to find local veggies, fruits, and meat; finding local staples seems more of a challenge.