Market Day

Lovely day to hit the market.

Started out with a Flavors of India breakfast of dal, palak panir, and naan.

Scored a pack of Luna Burgers. I can’t stop eating these lately.

Snowville just came out with chocolate milk. It’s totally awesome.

Chocolate milk gets a big yum from the 5yo.

Have you made any great food finds lately?


Most of our yard is shade because of this big beautiful tree,
but we have a little patch of sun for herbs. My sage and oregano are taking over, but there’s some lavender in there too.


We also have some mint tucked into the landscaping.


I’m trying to sprout a little thyme and basil, and some jalapenos for good measure, but they are struggling…

Any tips for not killing seedlings?

Grocery Fun

I’ve been so busy over the past few weeks, I really haven’t cooked too much. But that doesn’t mean I haven’t been eating, or shopping for groceries. Here’s some fun stuff I’ve gotten lately:

Riehle’s Select Midnight Red gourmet popcorn, ordered from Green Bean Delivery, grown in Indiana. A smaller, chewier popcorn than the standard, but still just as delicious.

Black Turtle Beans, purchased from Greener Grocer, grown in Ohio. Perfect for all your Tex Mex recipes.

Mellow Belly Tea, also from Ohio, by way of Greener Grocer. Minty and yummy.

Have you bought anything fun lately?

Columbus Local Pick – Green Bean Delivery

I’ve been getting deliveries from Green Bean (a locally focused grocery delivery service) for a few weeks now. Overall, I’ve been really pleased. There have been a couple missteps, like when they packed a jar of tomatoes on top of a carton of eggs, but they’ve been quick to correct them.

I have a standing order for a produce basket every two weeks. The minimum order is $35. Since my produce basket (they have a choice of sizes) is only $25, I have to add $10 more of items to my order each time. Since I often forget this, they just fill it up with more produce. I can live with that.

Since it’s kind of a grab bag, I’m going to start a planning post, just like I did with CSA last summer.

Here’s what we got this week:
Baby carrots - These are for my son. The only vegetable he will eat without fighting or gagging.
Braeburn apples – Also for my son. He eats them as a snack dipped in peanut butter.
Oranges - for eating plain
Romaine lettuce - Taco salad
Russian banana fingerling potatoes - roasted with olive oil and salt
Broccoli - soup
Asparagus - steamed and used as a dipper for hummus or white bean dip
Green beans - cooked low and slow with some bacon and potatoes, or barbecued – can’t decide which. Maybe both…
Strawberries - I’m freezing these, envisioning some strawberry daiquiris in my future.

Grocery List

I’m not really that organized or routine oriented, except when it comes to grocery lists.

Here is my method, followed every week:
1. We keep a running list on the counter of things that we need.
2. Then on Sat or Sun, we sit down and figure out what we will eat in the upcoming week and what ingredients we will need to do so.
3. I go through our stack of coupons and determine if we have coupons for any of that stuff.
4. I consolidate those two lists into one. I write it on a junk mail envelope that I have emptied. That way, I can tuck the coupons inside. I also put the list in the order of my grocery store to make shopping faster.

Anything you do every week?

My three favorite cookbook authors

I love to read cookbooks. Although I never re-read books, I will read a cookbook that I love over and over. These are my three favorite authors to pick up.

Marion Cunningham
My number one favorite. Her recipes are delightfully simple, and are always delicious. When I want to make something particular, I will always look in her books first for a recipe. Of course you can find a recipe for anything under the sun on the internet now a days, but you never know whether the recipe will actually be any good. Marion is my trusted source. Her recipes ALWAYS work.
Favorites: Fanny Farmer, Lost Recipes, Cooking with Children

Nigella Lawson
Her recipes are wonderful, but it is her writing that makes me love her. I could read her recipe intros all day long. Absolutely decadent.
Favorites: How to be a domestic goddess, Nigella Express

Jamie Oliver
Jamie has a charming, child-like energy that is evident in all his books. He also wins for the most unexpected uses for simple, easy ingredients.
Favorites: Happy Days with the Naked Chef, The Naked Chef Takes Off

New Year’s Dip Party

After what seemed like a non stop splurge at Christmas, my sister and I decided to go for a considerably lighter New Years. In spite of those good intentions, I did bake a cheesecake. We just vowed to fill up on our veggies before having a piece.

New Year’s Dip party

The dips:
Chick peas and olive oil*
Spicy Black Bean dip*

The dippers:
Red peppers
Celery sticks
Whole wheat pita chips

The dessert:
Ina’s Cheesecake (mmmmmmmmmmm)

*Recipes soon

Christmas Breakfast

I think other families might have Christmas dinner, but we always have Christmas breakfast. That’s what we’ve done since I was a kid.

When hubs and I are around Columbus for the holidays, I love to host it. Here’s what we had this year (suspiciously similar to the menu of every other year):

  • Fried rice*
  • Biscuits* and Sausage gravy
  • Grapefruit, peeled and sectioned
  • Mimosas*
  • Coffee

*recipes to follow

What are the things you eat every Christmas?

CSA and dinner: 11/15/10

CSA? Dinner planning? What are those things?

It would be really neat if this was one of those blogs where I could showcase how perfectly life works when you buy local, and plan meals, and cook from scratch. It would be even neater if I were one of those people that found it easy to stick to a plan. Going beyond neat, and into utopia, would be if my kids would eat more fruits and veggies (that would be any at all in the case of my daughter).

But, let’s make a Monday, 10pm effort. This is CSA + dinner planning for 11/15/10, late night edition.


  • Turnips – it has definitely been a turnip party the last few weeks. They do make a fabulous soup though. Recipe later.
  • Leeks – Adding their mild oniony flavor to turnip soup, see above.
  • Arugula – Probably my most favorite green of all times. I’ll dress it with olive oil, lemon, and honey, and be glad that, in this case at least, no one else in my house will eat this.

Monday: Grilled cheese
Tues: Bean burritoes
Wed: Beans and rice
Thurs: Mom out
Fri: out of town to a wedding, yay!