Crockpot Apple Pear butter

I LOVE my double fruit share from Wayward Seed. But since I’m the only one who eats most of it, it can be a challenge to use up all the apples and pears every week once I get sick of eating them plain. While discussing this with a friendly stranger* at the N. Market, she suggested that I make apple butter. What a phenomenal idea. I decided to throw in my pears as well, since they were well on their way to over-ripeness. Note that you could make this with any amount of apples or pears that you have on hand. (The latest issue of Edible Columbus even suggests using sweet potatoes.) The cooking process is what’s important.

Crockpot Apple Pear Butter

  • 6 apples, peeled, cored, cooked and pureed if chunky (I just pop mine in the microwave for 5 or so minutes til they’re soft)
  • 8 pears, peeled, cored, chopped, and pureed
  • Spices, if you like (I used a cinnamon stick, 3 cloves, and about 1/2 t of nutmeg)

Add all to a crockpot. Turn on high. Put the lid half on, or prop part of it up with a wooden spoon. You will need to give the steam a way to escape, since you want it to cook down nice and thick. Cook for 4-6 hours, or until thickened to your tastes.

Note that some recipes call for additional sugar. You may want this if you are using apples that are especially tart, but the fruit I used was very sweet, so there was no need. This is delicious spread on some warm sourdough toast.

*I figure I’m old enough to talk to them now. She did not offer me candy.

What to do with CSA this week: 9/25/10

After a week of travel and exciting new jobs, I’m trying to get back on track this week. Thanks to my three good friends who went to North Market to pick up my CSA for me last week!

  • Sweet potatoes – I’m going to add these to the potato basket in the pantry for future consumption
  • Corn – Smoky corn salsa
  • Cantaloupe – snacking
  • Swiss chard – Sausage and potato soup with greens
  • Apples – make sauce and/or freeze
  • Pears – These juicy delights are for snacking

What to do with CSA this week: 9/11/10

This week marks the last week for corn, but the first week for potatoes. Mixed emotions!

  • Sweet potatoes and white potatoes – I’m going to let these guys sit in the pantry this week. I’ve got a lot of food to eat that will perish before them.
  • Corn – To the freezer with you, to savor later in the fall
  • Bell peppers – snacking, cole slaw
  • Hot peppers – cole slaw, cornbead, omelettes
  • Carrots – I’m going to try to make some carrot bars or muffins. These are starting to pile up and I need to use a bunch of them in one shot.
  • Tomatoes – Roast for pasta
  • Apples – make sauce and/or freeze
  • Pears – These juicy delights are for snacking

What to do with CSA this week: 9/4/10

Fall is in the air. I’m a little disappointed to see my beloved scorching heat go, but the idea of fall – and the apples, pears, cinnamon, pumpkins and everything else that goes with it – is starting to grow on me.

  • Beans – cooking with bacon and potatoes for a side with pork chops
  • Sweet Peppers – Sweet and smoky corn salsa
  • Carrots – Roasted with thyme
  • Water melon – You should have seen gorgeous yellow fleshed melon. One of the sweetest I have ever eaten.
  • Corn – Sweet and smoky corn salsa – will post recipe soon
  • Pears – Eating for snacks, hoping for some more cool nights to eat these with stilton and port.
  • Plums – Eating, making another plum cake from Hayday Market cookbook – it was delicious! will post recipe soon.