Count down to CSA

If you aren’t familiar with Community Supported Agriculture (CSA), you should look into it. It’s an awesome way to eat in season and local, and introduces you to so many new vegetables. This will be my 9th year as a CSA member. My first pick up is in June, and I can hardly wait. (My CSA, Wayward Seed, still has a few 2 and 4 person veggie shares available if you’re in Central Ohio.)

My very favorite thing about CSA is that it forces you to find creative uses for the fruits and vegetables you get. It’s like Iron Chef, only there’s no stadium or trout ice cream. Every week when you pick up your share, it’s like unveiling the secret ingredients.

I’ve developed a system to try to make the best use of my CSA share and let as little as possible go to waste. When I get home on Saturdays with my bag of CSA goodies, I make a list of everything I’ve gotten in my food journal. I also include anything left over from the previous week. Then, I plan the week’s meals based on this list. I try to use the ingredients that have the most limited shelf life first. Seems ridiculously simple, and it is, but before I started this list making and planning, I would inevitably forget about some of the produce and it would go bad.

This system helps me reduce spoiled goods and has the added bonus of giving me ideas for meals.

Since I’ve moved my food journal online here, I’ll be sharing with you each week’s bounty and recipes and ideas to go with it.

First delivery is just 19 days away!


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