What to do with CSA this week

Yay! It’s finally here – the first day of CSA pick up. Here is the first of what will be many weekly posts to help plan a use for every item in the CSA bag so nothing goes to waste. I always make a list of everything I get, then the way (or possible ways) to use it during the week.

CSA, Week of June 12:

  • Strawberries (lots and lots!) – will freeze some for smoothies and frozen adult beverages, eat some mashed with yogurt, eat some plain, some with chopped mint
  • Lettuce – Wash for salad, and eat with Oregano Mustard Vinaigrette
  • Radishes – Wash and eat as a snack (but they are sooo good sliced thin and eaten on buttered rye with a little salt)
  • Radish Greens – Slow cooked with bacon and onions to serve as a side dish for pork chops
  • Swiss Chard  – This will go into a lasagne, frozen in small portions to eat all week
  • Sage – Used in a brown butter sauce with cheese ravioli
  • Peas –  Blanched and buttered, mixed with chopped mint



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