What to do with CSA this week: 8/7/10

I was lucky enough to not only get my regular CSA share this week, but also about 13 home grown tomatoes generously donated by my mom.

  • Tomatoes – Salsa, bruschetta, sliced on burgers, BLTs, in Mac & Cheese, and sauce. I’m having a tomato party this week.
  • Onions – Pantry, as always, but also in salsa and on burgers
  • Carrots – Going to experiment with my summer squash fritter recipe to see if I can add some carrots to this as well…
  • Cantaloupe – Cut into chunks and eaten with mint from my garden
  • Zuke – I know I keep doing the same thing with these guys (fritattas and fritters), but they’re sooo delicious.
  • Peaches – These have worked out so deliciously in my post workout smoothies, I’m going to keep peeling and freezing these as long as we get them
  • Blackberries – These, sorry to say, did not survive the trip home. Ate them all on the way. They were delicious.

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