Mindful Menus: 9/27/10

Mindful Menus

I’ve taken a position that will require me to work onsite at an office again – and not get home until 5:45. As much as I’m excited about it, I’ll need to start being more organized about planning and preparing dinners ahead of time. So each meal will come complete with thought about when it will be prepared and how hubs will finish it for dinner that evening.

Rees menu for week of 9/27/10

  • Monday: Beef brisket (this is already prepared and in the pan – hubs will just need to pop it in the oven when he gets home.)
  • Tuesday: Mom out with friends – Dad and kid free for all
  • Wednesday: Sausage and potato soup (made Monday night)
  • Thursday: Bangers and Mash (potatoes will be peeled and onions chopped the night before. Hubs will fry sausages and boil potatoes, I’ll make gravy when I get home.)
  • Friday: Pizza (I’ll shred cheese and defrost crust the night before, so I can throw it together easily when I get home.)

3 responses to “Mindful Menus: 9/27/10

  1. It has been a goal for a long time to do a 6-week meal plan. Our lives are so hectic and feel that we are on the run constantly. Have you ever done an extensive plan to help simplify things? Would appreciate any advice. One problem that I ran into was that I did not have enough recipes to fill up 6 weeks.

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