What to eat Wednesday: Categories

Last week, I brainstormed meals based on cooking methods. I came up with 30 meal ideas in only about 30 minutes. Using a category like this to generate ideas is called “springboarding,” if you’re interested. You can use it for anything. I added a demonstration* to show you how effective it is at the bottom of this entry. If you’re a dork like me, you’ll enjoy it. In the mean time, here are a couple more categories to play with:


  1. Tacos with ground beef
  2. Chicken fajitas
  3. Taco salad
  4. Southwest chicken casserole
  5. Chicken chili
  6. Burritoes with shredded pork (just crockpot a pork shoulder all day, then cool it and pull it – serve with green salsa)

Breakfast for dinner

  1. Bacon and eggs with fresh fruit
  2. Waffles and sausage links with fresh fruit
  3. Omelettes (I can never spell that right) with fresh fruit
  4. Biscuits and sausage patties with fresh fruit
  5. Oatmeal cooked with apples and cinnamon and scrambled eggs
  6. Fritatta (can’t spell that either)


*This exercise comes from the excellent book, Made to Stick by Chip Heath and Dan Heath.

Try not to read ahead. Do part 1, then read and complete part 2. You’ll need a timer and your mind.

Part 1: Take 30 seconds and think of all the white things you can. Count them as you go.

Scroll when you’re done.





Part 2: Take 30 seconds and think of all the white things in your refrigerator. Count them as you go.

Scroll down






Most people can list more white things in their refrigerator, than white things in general. This is because “refrigerator” acts as a springboard. Did it work for you?


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