CSA and dinner: 11/15/10

CSA? Dinner planning? What are those things?

It would be really neat if this was one of those blogs where I could showcase how perfectly life works when you buy local, and plan meals, and cook from scratch. It would be even neater if I were one of those people that found it easy to stick to a plan. Going beyond neat, and into utopia, would be if my kids would eat more fruits and veggies (that would be any at all in the case of my daughter).

But, let’s make a Monday, 10pm effort. This is CSA + dinner planning for 11/15/10, late night edition.


  • Turnips – it has definitely been a turnip party the last few weeks. They do make a fabulous soup though. Recipe later.
  • Leeks – Adding their mild oniony flavor to turnip soup, see above.
  • Arugula – Probably my most favorite green of all times. I’ll dress it with olive oil, lemon, and honey, and be glad that, in this case at least, no one else in my house will eat this.

Monday: Grilled cheese
Tues: Bean burritoes
Wed: Beans and rice
Thurs: Mom out
Fri: out of town to a wedding, yay!


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