My three favorite cookbook authors

I love to read cookbooks. Although I never re-read books, I will read a cookbook that I love over and over. These are my three favorite authors to pick up.

Marion Cunningham
My number one favorite. Her recipes are delightfully simple, and are always delicious. When I want to make something particular, I will always look in her books first for a recipe. Of course you can find a recipe for anything under the sun on the internet now a days, but you never know whether the recipe will actually be any good. Marion is my trusted source. Her recipes ALWAYS work.
Favorites: Fanny Farmer, Lost Recipes, Cooking with Children

Nigella Lawson
Her recipes are wonderful, but it is her writing that makes me love her. I could read her recipe intros all day long. Absolutely decadent.
Favorites: How to be a domestic goddess, Nigella Express

Jamie Oliver
Jamie has a charming, child-like energy that is evident in all his books. He also wins for the most unexpected uses for simple, easy ingredients.
Favorites: Happy Days with the Naked Chef, The Naked Chef Takes Off


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