Egg trick #1: the smoky scramble

Ahh, the incredible edible egg. When I am motivated to improve my diet to get rid of some body fat (note that unfortunately this motivation is often fleeting) nothing has proven more effective for me than making eggs a primary food source. Especially for breakfast.

However. By about the 6th day of plain scrambled eggs first thing in the AM, I’d rather eat cat vomit than choke down one more plateful. Smothering them with cheese is helpful, but if I’m going to throw my eating plan out the window, I’ll just have a doughnut, thanks. So I have to trick myself into eating the eggs by disguising their gross eggy flavor. This is the first trick in a series of three.

Smoky scramble
Scramble eggs as usual*, then sprinkle liberally with Chipotle chili powder. This one simple addition does amazing things to make me forget I’m eating eggs.

*I scramble mine like this: crack three eggs into a bowl. Add 1-2 T water. Beat with a fork until frothy. While you’re beating them, heat 1-2T olive oil over high heat in a wok or small skillet. Pour in your eggs. Let them cook without stirring until the edges start to look cooked. Push the cooked edges in toward the middle and let all the uncooked egg run to the sides. Continue in this fashion until your eggs are mostly set. Use an Emeril style wrist flick to flip the whole thing over, or just turn it over with a spatula. This whole process shouldn’t take more than a minute or two. Eggs cooked at high heat can get overdone and rubbery fast. You can cook them longer at a low heat, but I don’t have the patience for that.


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