Kitchen Lab: Kombucha Tea

I’ve got this new thing for Kombucha. It’s fermented tea. Sounds weird, I know. I swear it’s good, though. The big downside is that the only place I can find it locally is Whole Foods (which I don’t visit on a regular basis) and that it costs $3.39 a bottle. Ouch. Not exactly a money saving beverage. I did find several sites (like this one) that detail how to make it, so here goes. See how I am being frugal?

The first step is to make a Symbiotic Culture of Bacteria and Yeast–SCOBY for short. I’d liken this to creating a starter for sour dough bread.

Basically, you take some Kombucha that already exists (GTs is good) and let it sit out at room temp in a cheesecloth covered jar (this one recycled from Zapico’s is working well) for 10 days. I’m on day 5 of SCOBY building. Yesterday, I “fed” the SCOBY a cup of black tea with sugar. Now, more waiting.

Next Kitchen Lab episode: Does this thing actually grow a SCOBY or not?


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