Columbus Local Pick – Green Bean Delivery

I’ve been getting deliveries from Green Bean (a locally focused grocery delivery service) for a few weeks now. Overall, I’ve been really pleased. There have been a couple missteps, like when they packed a jar of tomatoes on top of a carton of eggs, but they’ve been quick to correct them.

I have a standing order for a produce basket every two weeks. The minimum order is $35. Since my produce basket (they have a choice of sizes) is only $25, I have to add $10 more of items to my order each time. Since I often forget this, they just fill it up with more produce. I can live with that.

Since it’s kind of a grab bag, I’m going to start a planning post, just like I did with CSA last summer.

Here’s what we got this week:
Baby carrots – These are for my son. The only vegetable he will eat without fighting or gagging.
Braeburn apples – Also for my son. He eats them as a snack dipped in peanut butter.
Oranges – for eating plain
Romaine lettuce – Taco salad
Russian banana fingerling potatoes – roasted with olive oil and salt
Broccoli – soup
Asparagus – steamed and used as a dipper for hummus or white bean dip
Green beans – cooked low and slow with some bacon and potatoes, or barbecued – can’t decide which. Maybe both…
Strawberries – I’m freezing these, envisioning some strawberry daiquiris in my future.


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