To market, to market

The outdoor market is taking shape at the North Market. Last week there were two stands, this week we were up to about five. Yay!

I got some nice greenhouse tomatoes and a bag of lettuce.

Inside I also picked up some Olive Orchard Basil Infused oil. It is absolutely to die for. I ate some as soon as I came home, drizzled over a sliced tomato.

The 5YO likes to come along, provided she can visit the bulk candy booth. She is allowed to choose exactly 5 gummy candies. Then she likes to eat them while seated in the balcony.

I decided not to do CSA this year, mainly because I didn’t know where we would end up living by the end of the summer and didn’t want to worry about coordinating a CSA pickup in the midst of that. I’m really kind of sad about it, but I’m committed to making regular trips to the farm market so I don’t miss out on all the summer produce.


3 responses to “To market, to market

  1. You could always come to the Gallipolis hometown farm (hint, hint!)Lots of tomatoes, etc, coming your way this summer!

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