Market Day

Lovely day to hit the market.

Started out with a Flavors of India breakfast of dal, palak panir, and naan.

Scored a pack of Luna Burgers. I can’t stop eating these lately.

Snowville just came out with chocolate milk. It’s totally awesome.

Chocolate milk gets a big yum from the 5yo.

Have you made any great food finds lately?


2 responses to “Market Day

  1. I want to go with you some Saturday!
    Do you read Catherine Newman’s blog?
    I LOVE her writing (especially in the magazine Brain, Child, and also her book Waiting for Birdy…)
    Anyway, she contributes to ChopChop (a food mag for families) and for whatever reason, her most recent post – about involving kids in the kitchen, made me think of you and L&L… You likely already do many of the things she recommends!

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