Island eats

We spent last week at Bald Head Island. It was absolutely glorious.
This is the view of the marsh from our rooftop patio:

Kids playing in still water

and big waves.

We were so busy kayaking, hiking, riding around in a golf cart, fishing for crabs, building sand castles, swimming, finding shells, biking, and searching for island animals (our list includes lizards, snails, stingrays, sharks, deer, foxes, and sea turtles) that we didn’t really do much cooking.

Before we left, I planned out the absolute easiest meals I could think of:




Pizza, with pepperoni and half jalepeno



Burgers and dogs on the grill



Bacon and tomato sandwiches with mayo



And, a special treat for hubs, the crusts of kids sandwiches dipped into Southwest Ranch dip.


Those are my super simple go to dinners. What are yours?

Special thanks to Grandma Terri and Grandpa Bruce, who generously donated their home for the week and made such a lovely trip possible.


2 responses to “Island eats

  1. Great ideas! I’m a big taco fan as well. I usually go with cheese sticks or pizza, tacos, burgers, or salads with protein, chicken chicken caesars.

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