entwine wines, by Food Network

On August 1, Food Network introduced its very own wine, called entwine.

Which lucky, food-loving writer do you think had an opportunity to help launch the brand? Me, me, me! This is definitely one of the most fun projects I’ve worked on. We helped with the web site and in-store materials (all the fun little tags and recipe cards you’ll see hanging from the bottles).

Today, I spotted it on display right at my local Giant Eagle.

(you can see it’s on sale for just 9.99.)



Last week, our lovely Food Network client was in town to train Columbus area distributors. She invited us to join her.

We got to try each of the four wines, paired with a simple, off the shelf food.

That’s chips and Chardonnay, parmesan and Pinot Grigio, blue cheese and Cabernet, salami and Merlot.

The pairings were so good together, I’m going to have a little entwine party of my own soon.






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