Watermelon Feta salad

It’s another month of Secret Recipe Club. This month, I was lucky enough to be assigned La Phemme Phoodie, a delightful blog on food, travel, and eating in Philly.

Her photos are gorgeous:

Lobster in Maine

Supper dog at a Philly hotspot

Gummy bears, lined up for Gummy Bear shots

Blackberry soup (looks totally to die for)

It was a tough choice, but I finally decided to make this Watermelon Feta salad,
adapted only slightly to what we had on hand. It was fun and delicious, and my mom helped.

We cubed about 4 cups of watermelon, peeled and cubed a cucumber (the very last one in the garden!), threw in some crumbled feta, and drizzled everything with Olive Orchard Greek oil. Perfect side!

Check out all of today’s secret recipe club reveals here:


14 responses to “Watermelon Feta salad

  1. I have been wanting to try a watermelon salad for ages, but my 2nd son keeps yelling that it’s blaspheme. (I really need to wait until he is GONE and do it anyway!) It sounds so tasty.

    • Lisa – I totally checked out Welsh cakes already! I was excited to see it. There is a huge Welsh cultural element where I am from in Southern Ohio, and those cakes were something we saw a lot. We called them Welsh Tea Cakes. Your post has inspired me to dig out that old recipe and give it a whirl!

    • I loved your Gooey Butter Cake! I have a lot of family in St Louis and butter cake is big in St Louis for sure! We can’t get them from any bakery here in Ohio that I know of. I’ll have to try it soon!

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