Recipe classic: Famous Barr French Onion Soup

Lately, I’ve had this thing for old recipes. I love the way they look in yellowed cookbooks and on splattered, handwritten pages. I love seeing if they really taste as good as you recall, or if remembered flavors have been sweetened by pleasant memories.

I’ve been reading a copy of the Joy of Cooking from 1972, poring over dozens of Junior League, PTA, and church fund-raising recipe books, asking co-workers what their grammas used to make, and even searching Etsy for vintage cookbooks.

We visited my mom and dad last weekend, and when we got there, I found my mom making this:

That’s a copy of Famous Barr onion soup (hand-written by “Millie” circa 1975). Just exactly the type of thing I’ve been obsessing over. Famous Barr was a department store in St Louis, where my mom grew up. It’s now a part of Macy’s, and the only place I know to get the soup is my mom’s kitchen.

Ladeling soup into crocks:

French bread toasted in the oven with parmesan

Soups topped with toast, mozarella, and swiss

Browned in the oven

(yes, it did taste as good as I remember)

What are your favorite recipe classics?


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