Piecrust cookies

My grandma made the most delicious cobblers ever. And the best part was, she would always take the leftover crust and make an entirely new treat just for me. Sometimes she’d sprinkle it with sugar and cocoa, and roll it up into a “chocolate roll.” Other times, she’d bake it in strips with cinnamon and sugar. These are sweet memories.

Left with dough after my Steve Jobs apple pie, I did the very same thing. Because my children are averse to such strong flavors as cinnamon (whose children are these?), I just left them plain. Still a hit.

To make them, simply roll out any dough left over from baking a pie (I always use Ina’s recipe). Brush it with egg wash (also left over from pie baking), and cut it into strips. You’ll want to cut an even number so no one will fight over the last one. Sprinkle with sugar and bake at 400, along with aforementioned pie, until golden brown – about 15 minutes.



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