5 things I want for Christmas

I know it’s too early for a Christmas list, but look at all these shiny things!

1. Cocanu Moonwalk Chocolate

It’s dark chocolate with poprocks in it. Wow.

2. Fancy lollipops from the Groovy Baker

These are cherry cordials, but other fantastic flavors include Prom night punch, Aquarius, Pineapple Caramel Upside Down, Creme Brulee, Lime in the coconut, and Alchemy.

3. Fancy olives and kabanaki peppers from the Olive Orchard

I tried these at a tasting last week and fell in love. Especially with those peppers (you can see how the jar in the above photo is actually empty of peppers, due to my having unrestrainedly eaten them all, unable to save even one for hubs or the green caret, both of whom would have been wildly appreciative of such fare). They are spicy, and creamy (stuffed with feta), and rich from being packed in lovely Greek oil. I fantasize about eating them while sipping an old fashioned cocktail.

4. Babycakes donut maker

There seems to be a huge baked donut fad going on in the blogosphere right now, and I feel I need to get on board. And bake more donuts.

5. Homesick Texan Cookbook

You’re surprised, right?


5 responses to “5 things I want for Christmas

  1. Great idea…a published Christmas list for all to see! My sweet, absent-minded hubby would have no excuses. The donut baker makes me laugh; I’m rather particular about what things are allowed to take up space in my kitchen. Those feta peppers are wicked good! Now the question is how you’ll use the Greek Extra Virgin Olive OIl left behind…maybe with a straw :).

    • I used to be someone who was on top of things and did Christmas shopping all before Thanksgiving. what happened to that lady? Now she just makes Christmas wishes for foodstuffs I guess 🙂

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