Assassin’s Creed Release Party

Yesterday marks the release date of Assassin’s Creed Revelations. It’s likely you are giving me the blank stare I have been getting from other people when I mention this.

For the benefit of you that aren’t male and addicted to video games, Assassin’s Creed Revelations is the fourth video game in a series that is especially popular at our house. The 10yo has been saving up all of his allowance to purchase this game, and put it on reserve at Game Stop at least two months ago. He even voluntarily read a magazine article about this game. Read! With no coercion!

So of course I did what any good parent whose child wants a video game completely inappropriate for their age range would do. I enlisted the 6yo’s help and had a launch party.

Did the 10yo appreciate the hilariousness and fun of this gesture? No. But at least he didn’t roll his eyes (to my face) as I stashed toy weaponry all over my person and proceeded to “assassinate” everyone at dinner time.

Some party highlights:
We dined on homemade chicken and stars soup (no, of course they don’t like it as much as the Campbells version) and leftover Halloween candy.


The 6yo and I designed and produced these place cards featuring character names and game logo. I got to be Ezio.


A buffet turned armory (the sign says “Choose your weapone”).

In a show of typical 6yo logic, after you chose a “weapone” from this selection, that “weapone” then became your ticket to watch an episode of River Monsters. Do you see how that fits in with the theme?


And in case you were wondering, the game gets a glowing review from the 10yo. Especially the multiplayer mode.


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