Creation does not always enhance affection

People say that children are more likely to eat what they help cook.

I am reasonably sure these people are not the parents of picky eaters.

Take, for example, the 6yo. She is pictured here doing all the work of zesting and juicing Meyer lemons to make Ina’s Lemon Bars.

She enjoyed this work thoroughly, and took a great deal of pride in the task.

After taking a bite of the finished bar, however, she declared it “too sweet,” and ran out to play.

(In case you were wondering, the 10yo wanted nothing to do with these either. But if you are a lemon bar lover like me, and you are up to the task of eating most of a pan full of lemon bars, also like me, Ina’s recipe is delicious.)


4 responses to “Creation does not always enhance affection

  1. I love Ina’s lemon bars and so do my girls (but we are all lemon-loving fiends:) Meyer lemons are sweeter than normal ones – could it be the reason she thought them too sweet?
    But, I have to say, she is one gorgeous girl!

    • Thanks for the compliment Lana! I do think that I could have cut back on the sugar with the Meyer lemons definitely. Alas, I also think she probably has the same aversion to lemons as all other fruit. 🙂

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