New cookbook – Milk bar

You know how I love shiny, new things.

I picked this up at the library to test out. Everything in it looks pretty darn fabulous, but I gotta tell you – much like yesterday’s Lasagna – it’s not for people who don’t like to cook. The recipes are on the labor intensive side of things.

For example, I made the Cornflake-marshmallow-chocolate-chip cookies. First you had to make Cornflake Crunch and let it cool.

Then, you had to make the dough and let it chill.

Then you had to bake it for 20 minutes and let it cool completely on the baking sheet. Because you make giant cookies (1/3 C dough each), I could only bake 4 at a time. The whole thing kind of took forever.



These were, hands down, the best cookies I’ve ever made. I LOVED them. Perfectly gooey and crunchy and chocolately and lovely.

And the raw dough? Out of this world.

In fact, you might not want to get this cookbook, or make these cookies, if you suffer from a serious lack of self control like some blog authors I know.


2 responses to “New cookbook – Milk bar

  1. Hey, I recently made the same recipe but my cookies turned out way too thin and crunchy. I was reading the Amazon comments for the cookbook, and a lot of people had the same complaint. Did you do anything special (besides the chilling, like the recipe says). Your cookies look so soft!!

    • You know, I saw the same complaints on that daily candy post that I linked to with the recipe! I didn’t do anything particularly special, but I did have the raw dough in a really thick layer to start with. Maybe that was it?

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