Some crazy stuff

A few wacky things are going down here at Chez Rees.

1. We’re trading in our sweet urban digs for a laid back country locale.

Even though we are super excited, it will be a little weird to leave our house. It’s been our home for 12 years. Bye bye Grandview! **sniff**

2. Kids are eating food.

I know it sounds nuts. But I finally figured out a way for us all to have dinner together without the kids having hot dogs and macaroni from a box every night. THIS SOLUTION IS SO OBVIOUS I KNOW YOU ARE ALREADY LAUGHING AT ME.

I asked the kids what protein options they liked, then made a list of the things they both like. It actually includes normal foods like pork chops, chicken breasts, bacon, and sausage links. Next, I asked them what fruits and vegetables they liked. Then, (this is the crazy part), I went to the store and bought those foods. Innovative, I know.

Now we just have one of those proteins for dinner every night, and kids get to choose what fruit or vegetable they’d like. No one yells. Everyone eats. It is a whole new dinner experience.

They also have a list of healthy snack options on the fridge.

When they whine about being hungry, I just tell them to get something from the list.They actually do this. It is – like I said – crazy.

3. I’m reinventing my blog.

I’m moving it to its own URL and changing the format just a bit. It will have a new look and a new name, and maybe even a store. I have a super cool partner who’s joining me. She’s an artist and you are going to love her work. The 6yo will also be pitching in from time to time.

It should be launched in just a few weeks, so I’ll let you know.

4. I’m doing CSA again.

After taking last summer off, I’m getting back into a Community Supported Agriculture program again. I’m pretty excited. My first delivery is super soon, so you’ll start to see a weekly menu planning post like this one. Even if you don’t have CSA, what I get from CSA reflects what’s in season and what you’ll find at the farmer’s market, so I’d love to hear your ideas for using stuff.

5. Summer summer summer summer!



8 responses to “Some crazy stuff

  1. This exactly how we do it, but without the written list on the fridge (that would be helpful for when I’m not around, so I may copy you on that!) Although our list of proteins is short, every meal I ask Vanessa which protein she will eat. We struggle with veggies too, so Vanessa chooses at least one veggie for at least one meal each day, which often ends up being carrots since she is protesting green veggies right now, thanks to Pinkalicious. 🙂

    • ha! Green veggies are tough at my house too. I’ve tried disguising them in cheese sauce or ranch dressing, but to no avail. Lil will eat peas, but it pretty much ends there.

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