Kidfood – Popcorn and chicken strips

Ever make popcorn on the stovetop? It’s sooo easy, and cheaper than those microwave bags. I’d spell out how to do it here, but the Tasty Cheapskate and Recipe Girl (two of my faves) have already done that for us. I think it is the best, easiest, cheapest thing to give to kids for a snack.

me: “everyone put your hand in the bowl for a picture!”

kids: [blank stares]

And I love how this picture looks like we staged it for a corporate diversity initiative.

In other kid food news, I’ve successfully duplicated Raising Cane’s Chicken Fingers (the 11yo’s very favorite restaurant – where he asked to eat at his special birthday dinner) at home. They’re not really exactly like them, but my son ate them which is the measure of success I’m using here.

All I do is dredge some chicken tenders in corn starch, then deep fry them in vegetable oil in my wok for 3 minutes. It takes like 15 minutes total. So easy. And I even tried this recipe for Cane’s sauce which got rave reviews.

Look how after only 11 years, I am able to make two things my child likes to eat! And he ate about 6 of those grapes! Mother of the year.



2 responses to “Kidfood – Popcorn and chicken strips

  1. My daughter seems to like certain foods for a time or two and then abandons them, another vagary of kid-dom which is baffling! My mom reassures me that young picky eaters grow out of it, but have your kids changed eating habits during their lives yet? Mine hasn’t!

    • No – I’m with you. I haven’t seen much improvement on the picky eating front. My son seems to be slowly coming around, but at a snail’s pace. He adds like 2 things a year to his diet. So maybe when he’s 20, he’ll eat 28 things instead of just the 10 on his menu now. I guess that’s more… 🙂

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