CSA 6/14/12

I’m completely, totally enamored with produce.

Lillian and red leaf

Logan and green onions

Judy and garlic scapes

Lillian and kale

Logan and spinach

Howard and Bok Choy

So much so that my family was barely surprised when I asked them to pose for a few produce portraits.

Here’s how I’m using my CSA this week:

  • Red leaf lettuce – lots of salads with homemade ranch dressing
  • Green onions – for adding to salads, especially ranch bacon potato salad
  • Garlic scapes – chop them up and use them just like garlic
  • Kale – Sauteed as a side, and as kale chips
  • Spinach – more salads with more ranch dressing
  • Bok choy – Stir fried with hamburger, served over rice, just like my Aunt Susie used to make



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