Meet Buster

Since she was born, our daughter has wanted a dog. It’s a move toward her career goal of being a teacher-artist-veterinarian.

We got Buster from a rescue operation, that also works to save these guys.

It was a hard choice, as Buster had several adorable brothers and sisters as well. I even called hubs to ask if we could have two (we couldn’t).

He’d been living in a stall at Bob Evans Farms for a few weeks, and he was literally the most flea ridden animal I have ever seen. I was kind of grossed out by it, but the 6yo was happy to pick fleas from him as he slept. (Note the 11yo, sitting idly by, eating popcorn.)

We took him to a party that day, where he was a big hit (although he was kicked outside when it was found his fur was seething with fleas).

We have no idea what type of dog he is. They say maybe his mom had a little Jack Russel Terrier in her, but nobody knows who the dad is.

He is as lovable as can be.

I think perhaps even the cats will like him in time. So far they aren’t quite sure what to make of him. I hope to show pictures of them all cuddling up, asleep, soon (one can hope).

Cross your fingers that we’ll figure out this house-breaking thing. Any tips?






4 responses to “Meet Buster

  1. I ask that you are all as kind and patient as you can be and then even more while training this little rascal. No hitting or yelling is needed to train him. Make a time and stick to it as best you all can with his feeding and potty breaks. He will learn sooner than you think. Congratulations on the newest member or your family.

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