CSA 6/28/12

Another week of glorious CSA goods.

  • Kale – the 6 yo eats kale in the form of chips, I will make kale chips (again)
  • Spinach – Roasted in the oven with just a bit of garam masala sprinkled on top
  • Cilantro – combined with the tomatoes below for some salsa
  • Tomatoes – Roasted and made into salsa (see Cilantro)
  • Potatoes – I think I’ll use these in this month’s secret Recipe Club recipe, so I can’t tell you yet (it’s a secret)
  • Cucumbers – These delights have already become a batch of the Homesick Texan‘s Mustard pickles

  • Snap peas – these guys are for snack time

Also pictured above: two ice skating ducks (not for consumption)




8 responses to “CSA 6/28/12

  1. Odd how our seasonal produce differs across the country. We are still into cukes and tomatoes but everything else you are showing is past season now.

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