New digs

We’ve been in our house almost a month now, and I kind of love it.

I love the quiet street and the wooded lot. It makes eating (or just sitting) outside lovely.

One thing that I am still getting used to is the bugs. They are big and they are everywhere.

They keep getting in the house. I do not want them there.

Apparently, as my son said last night in reference to this issue, “living in nature has its price.”

We’ll happily pay it. At least until we can figure out how to keep the bugs out.


2 responses to “New digs

  1. We live in the mountains in the country and we just refer to the way nature always creeps in as “mountain living.” It is definitely worth the price, but sometimes it seems less a price and more a lovely reminder that there is life thriving everywhere, even if that life is unfamiliar or uninvited!

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