Lemon shake-ups for adults

It’s fair time. I’m kind of a huge fan. Greasy food, animals, rides, and more greasy food.

What are your favorite fair foods? I have so many they fit into a bulleted list:

  • Candy apples (caramel is ok in a pinch – no nuts, thanks)
  • Elephant Ears
  • Funnel Cakes
  • Fresh Cut Fries
  • Corn dogs (foot long and slathered with mustard, preferably)
  • Cotton Candy
  • Grilled sausage and pepper sandwiches
  • Lemon shakeups

We are headed to the Hartford Fair on Thursday, where I will be trying to consume as many items on the above list as possible. It was with this fair food fixation that I viewed the inspiration recipe for this month’s recipe swap.

All I could think about were those lemon shake ups, and how I always wanted to make them at home, and what a great mixer I always thought they’d be. And now I have found out that I was right.

I think it would mix well with vodka too, but gin is my summer thing. And of course, don’t mix it with anything if you want Lemon shake-ups for kids.

Lemon Shake-ups

  • Juice of three lemons
  • 1/2 C sugar
  • 1 C water
  • Gin (for the adult version)

Mix all, and shake in a cocktail shaker. Try 2 or 3 parts lemonade to 1 part gin, depending on how long of a day you’ve had.

If you want, you can make fun straws that say the thing you wish you could say to your kids after a day of making them 6000 meals and snacks of which they eat only 2 bites and then declare they are not hungry.

About the Recipe Swap: The recipe swap is organized by Christianna at the Burwell General Store. Each month, a collection of bloggers reinterprets a classic recipe selected by Christianna. Click below to see what other recipe swappers did with this one.


5 responses to “Lemon shake-ups for adults

  1. Ha! Nice to meet you and be swapping with you! LOVE this post… I’m a private chef and daily want to give up making food for kids to “eat”. If only pizza bagels had any sort of nutritional value, I’d let go of trying completely. And something similar to this is how I reward myself when I go home for my days off… so this recipe WILL be happening tomorrow night! Happy Swapping!

  2. I’ve been having some particularly long days lately, so I may go heavy on the booze! I love fair food also..I pretty much only go for the food, but have never had a lemon shake up! looks perfect!

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