To market, to market

The outdoor market is taking shape at the North Market. Last week there were two stands, this week we were up to about five. Yay!

I got some nice greenhouse tomatoes and a bag of lettuce.

Inside I also picked up some Olive Orchard Basil Infused oil. It is absolutely to die for. I ate some as soon as I came home, drizzled over a sliced tomato.

The 5YO likes to come along, provided she can visit the bulk candy booth. She is allowed to choose exactly 5 gummy candies. Then she likes to eat them while seated in the balcony.

I decided not to do CSA this year, mainly because I didn’t know where we would end up living by the end of the summer and didn’t want to worry about coordinating a CSA pickup in the midst of that. I’m really kind of sad about it, but I’m committed to making regular trips to the farm market so I don’t miss out on all the summer produce.


Grocery Fun

I’ve been so busy over the past few weeks, I really haven’t cooked too much. But that doesn’t mean I haven’t been eating, or shopping for groceries. Here’s some fun stuff I’ve gotten lately:

Riehle’s Select Midnight Red gourmet popcorn, ordered from Green Bean Delivery, grown in Indiana. A smaller, chewier popcorn than the standard, but still just as delicious.

Black Turtle Beans, purchased from Greener Grocer, grown in Ohio. Perfect for all your Tex Mex recipes.

Mellow Belly Tea, also from Ohio, by way of Greener Grocer. Minty and yummy.

Have you bought anything fun lately?

Columbus Local Pick – Green Bean Delivery

I’ve been getting deliveries from Green Bean (a locally focused grocery delivery service) for a few weeks now. Overall, I’ve been really pleased. There have been a couple missteps, like when they packed a jar of tomatoes on top of a carton of eggs, but they’ve been quick to correct them.

I have a standing order for a produce basket every two weeks. The minimum order is $35. Since my produce basket (they have a choice of sizes) is only $25, I have to add $10 more of items to my order each time. Since I often forget this, they just fill it up with more produce. I can live with that.

Since it’s kind of a grab bag, I’m going to start a planning post, just like I did with CSA last summer.

Here’s what we got this week:
Baby carrots – These are for my son. The only vegetable he will eat without fighting or gagging.
Braeburn apples – Also for my son. He eats them as a snack dipped in peanut butter.
Oranges – for eating plain
Romaine lettuce – Taco salad
Russian banana fingerling potatoes – roasted with olive oil and salt
Broccoli – soup
Asparagus – steamed and used as a dipper for hummus or white bean dip
Green beans – cooked low and slow with some bacon and potatoes, or barbecued – can’t decide which. Maybe both…
Strawberries – I’m freezing these, envisioning some strawberry daiquiris in my future.

Columbus Local Pick – Zapico Sauce

Picked up a jar of this lovely tomato sauce at the Greener Grocer the other day. Hubs added some spicy italian sausage to it to dress some rigatoni for dinner. It was also perfect for a super simple lunch for me and the 5YO in the house. Can you tell which portion was hers?

They also have another sauce plus a balsamic dressing which I’ll surely try soon. Learn more at their site, or at their FB page.

Columbus Local Pick – twist on a CSA

Wayne over at Frijilito Farms is trying something interesting with his CSA this year. It’s more like buying credit up front and then getting what you like over the course of the season. Read about it here. In a traditional CSA, you get a bag each week or so, and you just get whatever you get in it. No complaining if you don’t care for eggplant or you can’t stand the thought of another beet. This, on the other hand, is CSA for you picky vegetable eaters – you’re not saddled with the ones you don’t like. Given how happy I have always been with the eggs I get from him, I think I’ll be game.